Friday, June 1, 2012

Delicious vegan cuisine right here in Kyle, Tx!

Tex Mex Calabaza (Steph and I just loved this yummy lunch)


 I'm always looking for a way to incorporate more healthy eating (way more fresh and organic veggies) into into our lives without spending mucho money at the grocery or three hours a day in the kitchen. As a busy mom and student, healthy and convenient are two qualities that I'm always looking for when it comes to quick lunches and dinners for myself and the family...Now enters the answer to my prayers...Veggytopia! Veggytopia is this awesome family owned vegan meal delivery service that set up shop right here in the Plum Creek subdivision. I've placed weekly food orders almost a dozen times now and I've never been disappointed. The fare is extremely creative, flavorful and fresh. The convenience of the food alone has saved me on many a night when I haven't had the time to whip up dinner from scratch. Just heat and serve. This kind of quick-fix convenience is usually associated with food that has tons of excess calories and preservatives, but at Veggytopia, every meal is crafted with health in mind. They also offer an outstanding line of made-to-order vegan baked goods. I've tried the Cranberry-Orange Nut Muffins and they were perfect for breakfast. All wheat-contaning meals and baked goods are also available gluten-free!!! Veggytopia, you definitely got it right. If you live in Kyle or the surrounding area, you have to check them out. The staff and owners are super friendly and always looking for ways to create a better customer experience.

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