Thursday, June 7, 2012

We Survived the Trip to Pennsylvania...

I'm very happy to report that Stephanie and I arrived in Pennsylvania without incident. We made it through two flights and one long layover in Houston with no projectile vomiting airsickness episodes, screaming tantrums, or falls down the escalator. We also managed to get through the TSA screening without being detained and questioned over a very suspicious Sesame Street sippy cup full of apple juice. The truth is, when Steph and I travel together without the husband/father things can get pretty hairy...

(Steph waiting at the gate)

When traveling, I'm definitely not the perfectly put together mom who wears skinny jeans and six inch wedges while managing to calmly march her three impeccably behaved children in a line through the airport. Much unlike aforementioned "put together mom", I have failed to master the art of fitting all of me and the kiddo's carryon needs into one compact and stylish bag. When flying with Steph, I'm usually sporting my Old Navy yoga pants, a tunic, and Crocs as I shlep through the airport with a stroller or cart piled high with bags of various sizes and a carseat (sometimes kiddo is strapped to it). On other occasions, I have Stephanie tethered to her Winnie the Pooh backpack-harness/leash (as I push the stroller full of junk)...this I have found is the only way to keep her from running off into the crowd and pickpocketing people for their smartphones.

(Smartecarte = Perfect for Hauling Toddler and 70lb carseat)

(The availability of Dora in flight kept things under control.) 

So the point is here that traveling alone with a toddler is never pretty when I do it, but we get it done. It's just so nice to be back in the hometown, spending time with family and catching up with some awesome lifelong friends. Steph is loving the stay with Grammy and PapPap (who's house now looks like four toddlers live there). We're also taking in the beautiful Pennsylvania weather and lush green landscape (two things I miss terribly living in Central Texas). It's going to be a relaxing couple of weeks...

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